Service Rate Structure for App Electric Services in Burnaby

At App Electrical Services, we always strive to satisfy the needs of our valued customers. If for any reason you have a question about the rates on this page, please feel free to contact us.

Round-the-Clock Availability
App Electrical Services is always available to you – 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s a promise.

Base Rates
  • Electricians at 8 hours or less cost $80.00 per hour.
  • Overtime call-out is $80.00 per hour, with a minimum 2-hour charge.

App Electrical Services charges travel time for non-quoted or estimated installations. Labour laws require us to pay our electrical technicians while they travel to the job site in our vehicles.

Vehicle callout rate is $25.00 on the first half hour -- after that it is $0.00, and only the hourly rate will be charged. This vehicle charge is due to high maintenance fees and extra fuel costs. Thank you for your understanding in this matter, as these charges allow us to keep our hourly rates lower for your benefit.

Monday through Friday:
  • 7AM to 5PM - base rate
  • 5PM to 11PM - base rate x 1.5
  • 11PM to 7AM - base rate x 2

  • 7AM to 7PM - base rate x 1.5
  • 7PM to 12AM - base rate x 2

  • 12AM to 12AM Monday - base rate x 2

Statutory Holidays:
  • 12AM to 12AM next day - base rate x 2.5